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At Emovere, we believe in holding space for every part of you-- Not just your pain and losses, but your dreams and fears, your humanness. We are passionate about an embodied approach to therapy because you are not separate from the body you inhabit. We truly believe that an embodied approach supports a necessary and authentic connection with yourself.

We understand that the decision to pursue therapy can be daunting, and it took courage to be here today. We're happy you're here!



(noun: e•mo•vere) derived from the Latin word for 'emotion'; meaning to 'move out' or to 'move through''

our services

traditional talk therapy

Traditional talk therapy seeks to reframe the ways in which a person sees the world, their experiences, and their thoughts using integration and coping mechanisms.

somatic experiencing

Somatic experiencing is a trauma-centered approach that provides a safe environment to release physiological energy and tension connected to a traumatic event.

dance/movement therapy

This integrative psychotherapeutic approach utilizes movement for self-expression in an effort to help you move through emotions that are keeping you stuck.

return home to yourself

It's important to know you have a safe, encouraging place to come to develop understanding and meaning of your lived experiences, and at Emovere, we hold that safe haven for you to reunite with your authentic self once again. We value a collaborative and trauma-informed approach that respects your autonomy, dignity, and cultural background. Reconnection to your body, emotions, and innate vitality is possible.

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We are dedicated to a holistic approach for restoring your innate state of wellbeing through the use of creativity, movement, and expression.


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