Authentic Movement

Authentic movement is a non-verbal, improvisational, movement practice and therapy.  It is like a spontaneous moving meditation in which you are moved and viewed by an outside witness. Authentic movement draws upon C. G. Jung’s method of active imagination. When you move, you can be directly in touch with your psyche, soul, and creativity, as well as with the Collective Unconscious.  The process enables you to access internal images, movement impulses, pre-conscious memories and shadow material.

Who benefits from Authentic Movement?

Authentic movement is a contemplative practice that will help you feel more connected to your authentic self, to inhabit your body in a new way, to develop a trusting relationship with your bodily intuition and enhance your creative expression.

  • Adults who seek a movement oriented practice that provides psychological insights.
  • Artists/writers who want to return to the Source of their creativity and develop their artistry.
  • Therapists who need a relaxing practice for their own personal growth.
  • Adults who are overly verbal who need to cultivate stillness and balance.
  • Adults /adolescents with eating disorders who need to re- connect to their own bodies.

What will your sessions be like?

It may take several sessions to learn and begin to feel comfortable with authentic movement. You will close your eyes and listen to your body, allowing yourself to be moved in response to internal sensations. You are not directing your movement, but allowing it to unfold naturally. Katie will carefully witness you and observe the qualities of your movements in a non-judgmental way. Afterwards, you will engage in dialogue about the possible meaning of your movements.


This website is for general information and guidance, this website in no way substitutes therapy services.