Yoga is more than physical exercise but a union of mental focus and spiritual connection. It can be done by all ages and physical abilities. Katie has an appreciation for the wholeness of yoga, and always a student herself, is passionate about sharing the gift of yoga with others. Teaching since 2009, her teaching style provides a safe, compassionate, and non-competitive space for self discovery. Katie is both a ce382441_10151841101220013_2014822405_nrtified Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Yoga Alliance member.

Combining Katie’s expertise in mental health, eating disorders, trauma and yoga, Katie is able to create individualized or group yoga therapy sessions by request.

  • Individual Private Yoga Instruction or Therapy Sessions
  • Partner Yoga Therapy or Instruction Sessions
  • Group Yoga Instruction & Workshops
  • Stress Reduction Relaxation & Breathing Technique Session


This website is for general information and guidance, this website in no way substitutes therapy services.