Katie Bohn, LPC, BC-DMT, SEP, Clinical Director, Emovere, LLC


My passion is to provide you a peaceful and safe therapeutic space that allows you the freedom to explore a mind-body and creative perspective to the counseling process. Whether faced with trauma, loss, anxiety, eating problems, depression, a life transition or are seeking personal growth there can often be a sense of fear and shame about asking for help. As such, I am dedicated to working compassionately, non-judgmentally and collaboratively with you to become “unstuck” and find a greater sense of healing and peace. Together we will move beyond symptom management to understanding the deeper meaning in your life.    


I integrate supportive psychotherapy with creative methods such as dance/movement therapy, mindfulness, writing and art. I believe that somatic awareness combined with self-expression play a significant role in wellbeing. Our bodies are a limitless resource for growth and healing. Through connection with our bodies and movement, unexpressed emotions and/or desires begin to move through and move out of our system freeing up our energy and providing a state of peace and expansion that radiates from within.  


  My methods include Somatic Experiencing, a gentle body-centered approach that addresses physiological dysregulation resulting from trauma, and Dance/Movement therapy, a psychotherapeutic use of movement to further cognitive, emotional and social wellbeing. I am currently a doctoral student in the Counseling department at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.  

Services Provided: Psychotherapy, Somatic Experiencing, Dance/Movement Therapy, Authentic Movement, Clinical Supervision.

Insurance: BCBS, Out-of-Network