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At Emovere, as a mental health therapist, trauma specialist, and somatic experiencing practitioner, I believe in holding space for every part of you-- Not just your pain and losses, but your dreams and fears, your humanness. I am passionate about an embodied approach to therapy because you are not separate from the body you inhabit. I truly believe that an embodied approach supports a necessary and authentic connection with yourself.

I provide care for adults and teens experiencing the impact of trauma, loss, worry, body image concerns, a life transition, perfectionism, motherhood & fertility, emotions that feel out of control or who are feeling lost and burned out.

Located in St. Louis, MO, I am available for both in-person and online sessions for Missouri residents.

I understand that the decision to pursue therapy can be daunting, and it took courage to be here today. I'm happy you're here!



(noun: e•mo•vere) derived from the Latin word for 'emotion'; meaning to 'move out' or to 'move through'

my services

traditional talk therapy

Traditional talk therapy seeks to reframe the ways in which a person sees the world, their experiences, and their thoughts using integration and coping mechanisms.

somatic experiencing

Somatic experiencing is a trauma-centered approach that provides a safe environment to release physiological energy and tension connected to a traumatic event.

creative arts therapy

Creative arts therapy modalities such as dance/movement therapy, and sand tray form an embodied, integrative approach to your healing using metaphor and self expression.

return home to yourself

It's important to know you have a safe, encouraging place to come to develop understanding and meaning of your lived experiences. At Emovere, I aim to hold the space for you to explore your most important relationship - the one with yourself.

I value a collaborative and trauma-informed approach that respects your autonomy, dignity, and cultural background. Reconnection to your body, emotions, and innate vitality is possible.

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We are dedicated to a holistic approach for restoring your innate state of wellbeing through the use of creativity, movement, and expression.


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