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Embodied Therapy for people in St. Louis, MO and online across Missouri

Emovere, LLC is a team of mental health therapists, compassion warriors, and creative humans committed to holding space for you to pursue healing from trauma and mental health struggles and reclaiming your embodiment.

about us

Our therapists excel in providing compassion, acceptance, and care for people struggling with their emotional well-being. We are much more than your typical mental health therapists. We are compassion warriors, creative humans, and experts in embodiment and creative arts for emotional wellbeing. We will help you explore your nervous system, connect to your body, build resilience and restore vitality to reach your full potential. We will be your compassionate guide as you venture through life's peaks and valleys.

We can help you go from feeling overwhelmed to resolving the challenges that are keeping you stuck from a joyful life.

It is our belief that creativity and embodiment are necessary to helping people heal and everyone deserves to live a good, full life. Whether you are suffering from trauma, loss, body image concerns, relationship issues or burnout to losing your sense of creativity and inspiration in life, we’re the therapists that can help you to a life that is calmer, happier, and overflowing with the things that fulfill you instead of drain you.

Committed to helping: Our story

At Emovere, our mission is to increase resilience, creativity, and vitality in our communities through embodied, creative and trauma-informed therapy. Mental health affects how we feel, how we think, how we act, and how we relate, and influences the choices we make, especially during tough times. We created Emovere to help people move through difficult times and create their best lives. We are passionate about an embodied and creative arts approach to therapy because we believe it supports a holistic and necessary connection with yourself in order to move forward.

Founded by Katie Bohn, LPC, BC-DMT, SEP in 2017, we are now a thriving practice with a team of multiple therapists, compassion warriors, and creative humans. With each of us bringing our unique background and training, we serve a diverse range of clients.

we offer support for:

Burnout & Stress
Trauma + PTSD
Disassociative Identity Disorder

Children & Teens
Body Issues
Eating Disorders

Self Awareness
Life Transitions
Emotion Regulation
Chronic Illness & Chronic Pain

our values

We are committed to holding a safe, inclusive space for all beings to pursue healing and reconnection to their body. We welcome clients of all ages, cultures, races, sexualities, genders, and sizes. In addition, our team strives to create a safe place for all people in acknowledgment that the world is not safe for many oppressed and marginalized identities. We acknowledge our own ongoing work to recognize our privilege and implicit biases, and we are dedicated to creating a diverse and supportive environment.

We believe in a collaborative approach that uses your inherent strengths as the building blocks for change. You are the catalyst to your own healing; we merely serve as the guide. Our therapists collaborate with you because every client is uniuqe with unique personalities, experiences, and needs.


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