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It is with sincere gratitude that we welcome you to Emovere. We are honored to serve as a supportive guide on your journey back to your authentic self.

We are committed to holding a safe, inclusive space for all beings to pursue healing and reconnection to their body. We acknowledge our own ongoing work to recognize our privilege and implicit biases, and we are dedicated to creating a diverse and supportive environment.

we offer support for:

Burnout & Stress
Trauma + PTSD
Disassociative Identity Disorder

Children & Teens
Body Issues
Eating Disorders

Self Awareness
Life Transitions
Emotion Regulation
Chronic Illness & Chronic Pain

We believe in a collaborative approach that uses your inherent strengths as the building blocks for change. You are the catalyst to your own healing; we merely serve as the guide.

Our goal at Emovere is to help you explore your body and nervous system, build resilience and restore vitality, and reach your full potential. We are invested in curating a compassionate care plan specific to your unique needs by offering a number of services, and we are proud to be one of the only providers in the greater St. Louis area to specialize in such an extensive form of embodied therapy.


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